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Domain Name registration as an investment or for development and resale. DNS management, Web Marketing and product promotion on the net. DNC Holdings
Fresh new approach to developing and marketing websites. Based on the basic economic principles adopted for the cyberworld, domain space and e-commerce.

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DNC Holdings

The Domain Name Company
Domain Name portfolio management, domain registration, renewal, DNS management, web marketing and product promotion on the net. Website optimization and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of websites.

Starting from 2006 DNC Holdings is offering its premium services to a small group of select clients with large domain name portfolios.

The main goal of the DNC Holdings is to relieve the daily life of our domain investors and ensure full peace of mind regarding their domain names and websites as much as possible. DNC Holdings provides exclusive full domain service package and unlimited consultations for solving all clients web and financial difficulties. The perfect service quality for DNC Holdings clients is ensured by our private client managers – DNC's most qualified specialists who will help to manage and supervise your individual needs, and will also provide material advantages to you in the use of the agencies services.

Range of Services

 When choosing the DNC Holdings programme, you get:

  • A personal Domain Manager, as well as a DN Transactions manager and an domain name investment strategy manager;
  • The highest possible level of confidentiality;
  • Permanent discounts for domain renewal, transfers and hosting;
  • Individual SEO solutions that are tailored for individual client;
  • Free consultations on domain sale and tax issues;
  • Regular informative updates and seminars about current developments of the domain name, IT and technology market;
  • Special offers for your leisure time, entertainment and holidays that are set up together with DNC Holdings partners.

We would like to state that DNC Holdings are in no way connected to the Democratic National Committee, the main presidential and electoral campaign fund raiser organization connected with the US Democratic Party. We do support democracy, but this site is not about it. Same with the US Democratic National Convention - no relation to it.

Declared net capacity as in a numeric measure of the power output that a power station contributes to the grid (in British English the same acronym is sometimes expanded as developed net capacity ). This term in some way could be related to Websites and in particular to clusters of sites that are created by interlinking between related articles and friendly websites.

The phrase "Does not compute" could be written as DNC, but we Do compute so that is not about us.
Within manufacturing Direct Numerical Control (DNC) means to connect by means of a computer network your CNC equipment to your PCs. As we do not manage any Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) there is no need for DNC networking, real-time Machine Monitoring, Graphics, Tool Management, and Scheduling.

As we don't have any direct connection to Maritime business the following terms also do not relate to us - Director of Naval Communications as in a post in the British Admiralty that was changed in 1945 to Chief of Naval Communications (CNC). Digital Nautical Chart - a PC representation of a nautical chart running an Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS) or Electronic Chart System (ECS) marine navigation software program. Director of Naval Construction is another senior post in the British Admiralty.

So what is DNC Holding all about? Domain Name registration as an investment or for development and resale. Keyword Rich Domains for SEO. DNS management, Web Marketing and product promotion on the net. Website html optimization and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of websites.

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