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Fresh new approach to developing and marketing websites. Based on the basic economic principles adopted for the cyberworld, domain space and e-commerce.

DNC HoldingsAbout DNC Holdings

DNC Holdings owns and manages a large number of Domain Names and websites associated with them.

Range of Services

 When choosing the DNC Holdings programme, you get:

  • A personal Domain Manager, as well as a DN Transactions manager and an domain name investment strategy manager;
  • The highest possible level of confidentiality;
  • Permanent discounts for domain renewal, transfers and hosting;
  • Individual SEO solutions that are tailored for individual client;
  • Free consultations on domain sale and tax issues;
  • Regular informative updates and seminars about current developments of the domain name, IT and technology market;
  • Special offers for your leisure time, entertainment and holidays that are set up together with DNC Holdings partners.

DNC Holdings FREE Domain Hosting »

Even if you are not our client you can take advantage of our DNC Free Domain Hosting for hosting your domains Ad Free and free of any charges. This offer will never expire / is valid for a lifetime of our service, and there is no requirement to upgrade your free domain hosting account to a paid DNC Pro Hosting package. And even if you don't have a domain we will provide a freeware subdomain for the account with a name you can choose.

Complete Domain Management
Registration, Renewal and Transfer as well as DNS, MX and WHOIS management.

x Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Complex of actions with a goal of reaching top positions in search engine result pages for the desired search key words. Niche targeting, optimization, PR building and link exchange as well as other activities.

x GEO and SEO Hosting
Geographically dispersed hosting options to situate the sites as close as possible to the largest potential market. SEO hosting with the use of varied C-Class IP's, host names, Data Centers and DNS Name Servers.

Online Marketing
You can outsource the online marketing of our products to us. We do the testing, write reviews and direct potential buyers to your online store. >

DNS Management
Management of Domain Name System Nameservers. Domain forwarding, IP pointing. Mail forwarding.

Content and Structural Optimization
Optimization of websites content, navigation systems and interface. Structural reorganization for reaching greater results with Search Engines and making the site generally more user friendly and consequently more profitable.

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